Workshop Materials Online

Materials from the intercultural learning workshop with Milton Bennett and Lilli Engle are now available in the members only section of the website, under resources: workshops and conferences. Thank you to Milton and Lilli for leading this stimulating workshop, to St John's University for hosting the event, and to all the members who participated!

Intentional Intercultural Learning and Assessment Workshop

We are very pleased to share the description of the June 12th workshop with Milton Bennett and Lilli Engle: Please click here to download.

Intentional Intercultural Learning and Assessment
Two Coordinated Workshops for APUAF Presented by Milton Bennett & Lilli Engle
Paris, June 12, 2015

These days, very few exchange or study abroad programs fail to claim "intercultural learning" as a participant outcome. Thanks to a long history of research and workshops on the topic at NAFSA, FORUMEA, IAIE, and other professional organizations (including APUAF), the importance of intercultural learning is now well established. However, there still is wide variation among programs about exactly what "intercultural learning" means, how it should be pursued, and how it could be assessed. These two workshops will explore limitations affecting the definition, implementation, and assessment of international exchange learning goals in general, with particular focus on how to make intercultural learning a more intentional and measurable outcome.

February 2015 Newsletter

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Registration for the Intercultural Development Workshop with Milton Bennett and Lilli Engle

Priority registration for the intercultural development workshop with Milton Bennett and Lilli Engle on June 12 is now complete. You can now register additional participants from a member institution, partner associations or non-member institutions by clicking here. Remember, in order to allow all members of the APUAF benefit from this workshop, registration will take place according to the following schedule :

March 20-April 10 : Priority Registration (up to 2 persons per member institution )

April 10-May 15 : Registration of additional participants from member institutions, depending on availability

April 17-May 15 : Non-member Registration, based on availability

The registration fee includes participation in the workshop and in the reception at the end of the day. Lunch will be on your own and we will provide a list of restaurants in the neighborhood.

Academic Cooperation Association Conference: English Medium Instruction in Europe

Advisory Board member Lisa Fleury, Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris, attended the Academic Cooperation Association's Conference on English Medium Instruction in Europe in Brussels: "A rare phenomenon at the turn of the century, English-medium instruction (EMI) has become a systemic feature in some European countries, particularly at the Master level. Even though the growth curve now shows signs of flattening, English-taught programmes have become immensely numerous and popular in the last 15 years. This ACA European Policy Seminar present[ed], amongst other things, the key findings of ACA's latest (2014) Europe-wide surveys of this form of tuition." Lisa has provided documentation, available in the member access section under Academics.