Forum on Education Abroad Conference 2014, Barcelona

 The Forum on Education Abroad's 2014 European Conference will take place in Barcelona from October 23-25th on the topic of "What Does it Mean to be a "Traditional" Destination? Challenges and Opportunities for Education Abroad in Europe." We hope that France and the APUAF will be well represented and support our members and colleagues from France who will be presenting:

  • Scott Blair, CEA Paris: Understanding Europe: Why the "Traditional" Matters.
  • Hannah Taieb, CIEE Paris: Learning Together in Contemporary Cosmopolitan Europe
  • Lucile Duperron, Dickinson en France and Dickinson College: The Development of a Multilingual Writing Center at Home and Abroad
  • Lisa Fleury, Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris, Laura Raynaud, Dickinson en France: Stimulating Intergenerationality: Millennials in Europe
  • Frank Mikus, St. John's University, Bernard Zirnheld, St. John's University: Adding a Non-European Excursion to a European Study Abroad Program

More information can be found here.