Professor of Economics - St. John's Paris

Nom du programme/ université/Program or University Name: 

St. John's Paris

Intitulé du poste/Job Title: Professor of Economics

Nature du poste/Job Type: Academic instruction

Lieu du poste/Location: Paris 7

Type de contrat/Contract Type: CDD


Primary Responsibilities

The St. John’s Paris Association invites applications for qualified professors to teach Economics of Poverty & Income Inequality in the Department of Economics and Finance for the Office of Global Studies at St. John’s University.

Course Description:

ECO 1320 This course provides an overview of the economic issues of poverty and income inequality as they exist in developed countries. The course will examine the economic, social and political causes of poverty and income inequality, how they are measured, and the role of public policy. The course also examines the cost to individuals and society of persistently high levels of poverty and rising levels of income inequality. (Credit: 3


Required skills:

  • Experience in teaching, particularly in an English-language context
  • European Union citizenship or legal right to work in France
  • Proficiency in English


Required Qualifications: 

  • ABD candidates will be considered.




Work Conditions:

Two consecutive course offerings :  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30am-11:10am, February 25 - March 27 and April 1 -  May 9, 2019 


Please send CV and cover letter in English to