Job Title : Housing and Administrative Coordinator

Program : CUPA, Paris 75006

Type of postion : administrative

Type of contract : CDI

Start date : January 16, 2019



Housing – CUPA/CUPA Summer/CUPA Art

  • Maintains family data base
  • Interacts with host families, and is familiar with home environment and neighborhood
  • Recruits new families as needed by outreach, vetting and does home visits
  • Carries out all administrative work related to homestays (contracts, payments)
  • Matches students with host families
  • Assists students with independent housing
  • Handles all communication with host families
  • Provides ongoing support to students/families: advising/conflict resolution/evaluations and follow up
  • Organizes annual reception for host families

General Administration

  • Processes and records all office expenses/bills
  • Oversees premises and equipment: orders and oversees repairs, upkeep, cleaning service, office supplies, security service…

Faculty led program in residence (25 students - 2 months per year)

  • Handles logistical organization of trips/excursions/program dinner
  • Documents/records expenses


Student Life/Receptions

  • Organizes and accompanies weekend trips (3) and day trips (2)
  • Assists the student life manager in planning, set up and running various program activities (study breaks, lunches, parties, Thanksgiving, etc)

Tickets resto, 6 weeks paid leave 

Send CV and letters of reference to maryann.letellier@cupa.paris.edu.