Resident Director of Middlebury Interactive Language Academy 2018, IES Abroad Nantes


Position Title: Nantes Resident Director
Department: Middlebury Interactive Language Academy Customized Program in conjunction with IES Abroad Nantes
Position Reports to: IES Abroad Nantes Center Director

The Resident Director is part of a community that creates an intensive four-week immersion study abroad program for high school students in the summer. Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL) has become the gold standard for residential language and cultural immersion programs for secondary school students and has chosen to partner with IES Abroad Customized to organize their 2018 summer French language academy in Nantes, France. The Nantes Residential Academy features the same renowned curriculum and programming as MIL's US-based academies to provide students the experience to immerse themselves in French language and culture in one of the world's most beautiful cities. The Resident Director works in close consultation with IES Abroad, the year-round MIL Staff based in Middlebury, Vermont, and the locally-hired on-site staff to ensure the safety and well-being of students in a highly structured environment. They will also supervise the Residential Educators (RE's).

All staff are required to participate in pre-season training to understand the Academy's educational mission and vision and to master and implement the immersion curriculum by adopting and practicing the Middlebury Immersion Methodology. All staff and students adopt the Middlebury Language Pledge©, modified as needed for the student age group and language level so that a full immersion environment is created.

The Resident Director works with the Program Director in the preseason to organize academy programming. Additionally, they coach their Residential staff once on-site.

Pre-Season Responsibilities:

  • Attend the MIL Winter Planning Meeting in Middlebury, Vermont (tentatively scheduled for February 2018).
  • Participate in IES Abroad Safety & Crisis Management training.
  • Communicate with families as needed about special health and/or dietary concerns.
  • Work closely with IES Abroad staff, MIL staff, and the Program Director in planning academy programming/events as well as onsite logistics needed to carry out programming. 

Program Administration Responsibilities: 

Work in close cooperation with other site administrators to ensure success of all aspects of the Academy;

  • Create strong link between residential and academic aspects of the Academy.
  • Create a supportive, safe, rewarding and fun environment for students and staff by understanding and utilizing the common sense, academy-tested, residential life guidelines, plans and policies.
  • Accept leadership position in addressing student and staff discipline issues (as well as health and well-being matters) utilizing appropriate interventions and strategies in a timely and effective manner in collaboration with the Program Director, IES Abroad, and MIL.
  • Converse with parents in a timely, professional, and tactful manner regarding student issues.
  • Provide efficient and pertinent orientation session for all staff and faculty and specific training for residential staff. Solidify plans for and execute academy events
  • Plan for and executes academy events ensuring they are organized and implemented through excellent project management skills.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Along with the Program Director, ensure planning and execution of all events is carried out: staff and student orientation, opening day, field trips, departure day and other special events as needed.
  • Work with Program Director in planning and execution of daily excursions and activities.
  • Carry out various logistical and operational aspects of running a site office; ensure all staff and faculty have supplies and information in order to complete their tasks.
  • Effectively manage set up and take down of site.
  • Assist the Program Director in with staff, student, and parental concerns.
  • Supervise Residential Educators in organizing and implementing residential duty schedules.
  • Maintain close working relationship with the local nurse and serve as a resource for health related issues they encounter.
  • Supervise Activities program, in collaboration with Residential Educators.
  • Demonstrate refined leadership and management skills in leading daily staff meetings and providing on-going training and support for residential staff.
  • Participate in daily meeting with other administrators.
  • Is "on call" 24/7 except for up to two (2) scheduled days off.
  • Assume Program Director's duties in his/her absence.

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in academy programming.
  • Work to continually maintain a high-quality summer Academy through interaction, participation and visibility throughout the program.
  • Support the Language Pledge.
  • Communicate professionally and effectively to parents, students and other staff.
  • Provide meaningful feedback to students.
  • Work with other faculty, staff, and site administrators to create a successful Academy.
  • Complete evaluations, reports and other documentation in a timely manner.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge and utilization of the Academy policies and procedures to create a safe, supportive, rewarding environment for students and staff.

Oversees Residential Educators and local nurse.

POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum Qualifications:

  • Leadership experience in a residential setting with young people
  • Experienced French language educator and/or administrator
  • Flexibility and willingness to operate in fast-paced environment
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and competing priorities whilst maintaining a calm demeanor
  • Enjoy spending structured and unstructured time with young people in a language-learning environment
  • Prior experience working with adolescents (14-17 years old) strongly preferred 
  • Authorization to work in France

Additional Qualifications:

  • Well-versed in current world language pedagogy
  • Teacher training and professional development experience strongly preferred
  • A minimum of two years of French language teaching experience strongly preferred


This is a residential position. The Resident Director will live in the dormitory with students, and will be provided with a private, en-suite room with all meals included. The RD will have two full days off during the 4-week session. Airfare/transportation to/from Nantes will be paid for, if needed. Housing and transportation is not provided for family members. The Resident Director is expected to arrive on-site no later than noon (local time) on Monday, June 25, 2018 and to depart any time on Sunday, July 28, 2018.

Preseason work/training is required for this position

Please send CV and cover letter in English to Anna Shoemaker,